Crime and Guilt (Crime and Punishment Part 2 Ch 1)

Hello All! The reading for today gave a little more insight into Raskolnikov, as well as shows a small taste of the aftermath of what he had done.

He sat down on the sofa—and instantly recollected everything! All at once, in one flash, he recollected everything.

For the first moment he thought he was going mad. A dreadful chill came over him; but the chill was from the fever that had begun long before in his sleep. Now he was suddenly taken with violent shivering, so that his teeth chattered and all his limbs were shaking. He opened the door and began listening—everything in the house was asleep. With amazement he gazed at himself and everything in the room around him, wondering how he could have come in the night before without fastening the door, and have flung himself on the sofa without undressing, without even taking his hat off. It had fallen off and was lying on the floor near his pillow.

Here we see that Raskolnikov begins to feel guilt for murdering his pawnbroker.

Raskolnikov isn’t a person who thinks deeply about himself, or others around him.  He generally just goes with the flow, and does whatever he feels like without worrying about any repercussions it could have for him or those around him.  Also, this murder is far more intense than anything he has done wrong… like ever.  So, not only is this his first time really feeling guilt, its a very intense guilt that he feels for the first time.

And he doesn’t know what to do with it.  He thinks he’s sick.  He thinks he has a fever.  He thinks he is going mad.  Without any way to obtain any sort of closure, and no experience with feeling guilt, he’s basically just waiting around for his punishment.

He was so absorbed with guilt about what he had just done, that he didn’t even lock the door behind him when he came in last night.  He doesn’t care about being caught at this point; He’s too busy worrying about feeling guilty and not knowing what to do.  For the first time in his life he needs to make a decision on his own and carefully evaluate the consequences that it could have.



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