The (Possibly) Most Stressful Week of the Year (Weekly Wrap Up)

I’ve never been so excited to write a weekly wrap up!

To be frank, this week has been a continuous hell full of stress, tests, fights, and 300 pounds of crab.  Most of the stress came from that last part about the crab.  So Thank God that it’s over and that I managed to survive.

This week was another week that was focused on poetry.  We also did a practice poetic analysis essay which I though was helpful and insightful.  However, like when we did essays last time, they are only helpful to the extent that we find our errors and try to correct them.  I think also that a better understanding of literary devices would benefit everyone in the class (especially myself!). Although I patted myself on the back for being able to finish the essay on time and have some sort of structure, I’m not sure if it’s as strong as it could be, but think that I get a little better every time we do an exercise like this.  I do think that an analysis strictly on the use of music in the poem did not leave us with many options when writing, and afterwords we all realized that we basically wrote the same essay.

We also talked a bit about the poem “The Hollow Men” by TS Eliot.  Although I was able to understand the other poems we talked about in class fairly well, this one gave me a bit of trouble for some reason.  The discussion in class very much so helped me to better understand what is going on in this work.  I thought the juxtaposition of a stuffed man (one with a body but not a soul) and a hollow man (one with a soul but lacking a body) was really interesting, and helped to clarify the possible point being that both extremes are equally bad.  I thought Nic’s point about the fields of Asphodel was also kinda interesting.



One thought on “The (Possibly) Most Stressful Week of the Year (Weekly Wrap Up)

  1. I agree with you. There was so much crab. Maybe we should make crabby pattys. Hallow men also confused me. I thought it meant one thing but it actually means something else. But that’s the point of class discussions.

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