Thou blind Man’s mark? Is it like a sticker? (Thou Blind Man’s Mark)


The poem we were asked to blog on is “Thou Blind Man’s Mark” by Sir Philip Sidney.  It is a sonnet!  Because this was a little confusing when we went over it in class, I decided to look up exactly what a sonnet is:

Traditionally, the sonnet is a fourteen-line poem written in iambic pentameter, which employ one of several rhyme schemes and adhere to a tightly structured thematic organization.

So yes, a sonnet is a type of poem, and yes, the rhyme scheme can be one of a few different options and it can still be considered a sonnet.

The sonnet “Thou Blind man’s mark” is about Sir Philip Sidney’s thoughts about desire.  In the sonnet, Sidney states that desire is the blind man’s mark, because it is something that no intelligent person would want.  This is one of the more overt poems towards its meaning.  I think Sidney may have written it to be so obvious because its function may have been to convince people about the dangerous of desire and try to convince them to live a less materialistic life.

Staying with the poetry-song theme of this week, one song that reminded me of this poem was “Matryoshka” by hachi (the same producer behind “Donut Hole”).  Although I chose “Donut Hole” to compare to “War Photo 2” because of its similar use of techniques to convey a message, I chose “Matryoshka” because I think it conveys a similar message to “Thou blind man’s mark” but in a completely different way.

“Thou blind man’s mark” is clearly a song about desire, but “Matryoshka”‘s meaning has been hotly debated since the song’s release.  Lines like “Ah, I’m about to throw up. / Please accept me and everything about me. / Ah, with your two hands, /please take me in.” clearly show the singer’s desire to be accepted by someone – commonly assumed to be a love interest – while lines like “Let’s just laugh everything off. / Hurry up and dance, you group of fools!” and “Freud? Keloid? Just hit the keys. / Let’s just laugh everything off. / Dance quickly, and get out of my sight!” seem to show that the singer is trying to get away from the love interest.  One way I interpret the song is the singer has feelings for someone that control her, yet this desire for the love interest is seen by the singer as unhealthy and she tries to get rid of her almost addiction to his love.

So, in short, both the poem and the song talk about the dangers of desire, but in completely different ways.




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