One Thesis Many Thesi (Weekly Wrap-Up!)

Hello all! Happy Weekend!!!

Unfortunately the weekend is ending…

This week was actually very productive!  We spent a lot of time – if not the entire week – workshopping and learning all about the thesis.  I think that this was really time well spent, because the entire class as well as myself had some major issues that would have become huge problems later on if they were not addressed now.  Also, we took a bunch of prompts from previous exams and practiced making a thesis for each one, which helped us because it gave us the experience of working under pressure that well need come May.

Another thesis skill we learned is differentiating between the couple different types of thesis and how they function.  For example, if you’re prompt requires you to have an argumentative essay, you need an argument in your thesis, as well as some evidence to prove your argument.  This was new news to me, and definitely will come in handy.

I also liked how we each made our own thesis and then went around the room and had everyone give each other advice on it.  This was especially helpful for me, who had to write mine almost five times hehehehehhe…. I’m glad I learned more and improved a bit though!!

We also had an in class essay!!! I think it’s the first one that I actually finished in time… Once again, improvement!!!

It was an analysis essay about one of the speeches or essays we read this trimester.  I wrote about Pericles’ Funeral oration.  I’m sure it was not a perfect essay, but I think I did a good job on it! Not only did I make a good point, I also finished it on time! I think my only failing was that it was rather short, but I think it will be okay.



2 thoughts on “One Thesis Many Thesi (Weekly Wrap-Up!)

  1. I also enjoyed the fact that we all shared ours was great. I am glad that you finished this time because not finishing is a real detriment to your grade. In contrast to yours i wrote about Modest Proposal and not the funeral oration, and that is probably why it was more difficult to write your thesis.

  2. Looking back I didn’t even realize how productive we were. I think the thesis exercise was really good. It showed or strengths and weaknesses. I also got very creative with mine and had a good laugh.

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