A Post Blog (Weekly Wrap Up!)

Hello all!

Despite the increasing craziness of apparently everything else, English class has remained surprisingly calm.  We have simply been going along with our schedule, and reviewing speeches and beginning preparing for the AP exam.

We have carried over from last week using the rhetorical triangle to further analyze speeches.  I think this is very helpful, because, not only does it help us realize what strategies used are important and why, but it also helps us to understand better the intentions of the speaker, which is a skill that I am sure will greatly assist us on the AP exam.

Speaking of the AP Exam, we also started some exam practice this week! I think that taking a practice at the beginning of the year is important, because it helps us to understand exactly how the test works and what skills we need to master before May.  I think that, so far, nobody completely failed the multiple choice section, and we have already identified several things we need to learn (like literary devices and poetry terms).  I think that this, although a different approach from what we are used to in an AP class, it still can be very effective if everyone works really hard and communicates well.

For us to improve, I think everyone needs to have an “all hands on deck” approach to it. We need to all be working to find resources and books that can help everyone in the class.  Also, I feel that, although the practice tests in the 5 Steps to a 5 books are great, taking an official previous AP exam may be beneficial so we can get used to the format and length of the test sections.

-Paulie 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Post Blog (Weekly Wrap Up!)

  1. Good point with the idea that we should all be equally participating and actively be wanting to learn together in order to achieve a better understanding. I did find myself very confused on many of the vocabulary terms in the practice test. So I hope we can start learning about that soon. 🙂

  2. Nice thought about using the rhetorical triangle to better our understanding of the intentions of the speaker. Audience has a big role in this, and we did spend a lot of our time figuring out the audiences for these speeches. I am so glad that you are not feeling overwhelmed with the AP Lit test. That shows that you mastered AP Lang. Unfortunately, I am with the crew that is not super confident about AP tests and completely failed the test we took in class. So I think it will be AWESOME to have the “all hands on deck” approach and to have other people, who excel in this, like you, piping in and telling us your strategies. (:

  3. YES PAULIE THANK YOU FOR SAYING IT! I totally one hundred ten percent agree that we should be starting prep work for the AP test right now. On top of that though, I also think we should be looking over rhetorical devices and literary terms for review. Thank you for bringing this up!!

  4. I hope we “work really hard and communicates well.” because I’m definitely feel scared for the AP exam. I feel like we are not doing the right things to get ready for the exam. I also feel very unsure which is not a very good thing when you have an AP exam coming so soon.

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