On Selfie Respect (Weekly Wrap Up!)

Hello all! 

This week was really, really, REALLY long for me. Honestly I’m glad it’s finally over. 

For the weekend, we read Joan Didion’s 1961 article for Vouge Magazene “On Self Respect.” The article was much better than I would expect from Vouge, and actually reminded me of the essay “How it Feels to be Colored Me.”  I felt that Zora had the confidence and respect for herself that Didion described in the beginning, but lost her way a little. One quote from Didion’s piece that stood out to me was:

self-deception remains the most difficult deception

I think this is very true for Zora. At the opening of her essay, she describes her early life. She had never experienced any racism of any kind really, so moving away and experiencing it firsthand was a shock to her. She believed she was different simply because of the way others around her behaved. This “self-deception” proved to be as difficult for her to overcome as Didion described. 

Another essay that I appreciated reading this week was “Late night thoughts on my dead thyroid.” It’s strange planned out yet also stream of consciousness writing was a format that I had not been exposed to before, and really enjoyed reading. Also, I think the guest lecture was really nice. It provided, not only a different teaching style for that class, but a reminder to me as a student how different teachers convey the same ideas, and helped me actually figure out what to write down later and discern what is most relevant. 

See you next week!

-Paulie XD


One thought on “On Selfie Respect (Weekly Wrap Up!)

  1. Hi!! Thank you for bringing up stream of consciousness writing in this because I had been trying to figure out why “Late Night Thoughts on My Dead Thyroid” had been written in such a familiar way. Now I’m thinking stream of consciousness is the easiest way to write if you just want to get your thoughts down. Your blog just opened up a whole new part of my brain. Thank you for that(:

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