Late Night Thoughts on Late Night Thoughts on My Dead Thyroid (Late Night Thoughts on My Dead Thyroid)


“Late Night Thoughts on My Dead Thyroid” defined is distinct among all of the other short stories we have read thus far.  First of all, it is the first creative nonfiction work we have read, and it is written in a stream of consciousness style that is broken up by strange breaks.  These breaks give the author a strange ability: he can use the breaks to help the reader draw parallels between certain things, and wonder what the connection between them is.  Also, the authors firsthand experience, clashing with his detachment from the subject as he “got over it” gives the story a strange mood.

The author speaks as if he is going through the initial trauma and shock of the issue.  He talks about how he found out that his thyroid had died, and how he initially tried to cope with and explore his situation.  At the same time though, the author gives background information and other examples that he had learned later.  It is kind of like he is telling the story but with a lot of context that he did not initially have.

When any part of the body stops working, other cells attack and barnacle onto it like a foreign object.

In much of the short story, it could be understood that the author means more than he simply says.  This sentence here struck me, because it seems obvious that it could easily be a metaphor for something else.  Maybe he is using it to illustrate how some times socially an outcast can be ganged up on by everyone else.  It could also refer to how he felt in the world, a broken piece that should be destroyed.  It definitely carries his themes of depression.



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