Big Essay (Weekly Wrap-Up!)

Hello All!

There was not a lot else that happened in class this week, due to us missing Wednesday and part of Monday because of a guest speaker.  I also was absent on Tuesday because I got sick.  Unfortunately it looks like next week might also have some holes in it, as we are all going out on Monday and missing even more classes.

This week in English class, both the first and second drafts of our critical literary analysis papers were due.

They were quite a challenge, mostly because of the rather small amount of time we had to do them.  In the future, I think a little more time to complete them and more time in class spent on understanding the prompt would help.  in a recent class, we outlined our essays and discussed the prompt which was great, and was a nice way to learn the process, but in the future may be more helpful to be before we actually write the essay.

There were some positive things about this essay though! The analysis we do on a regular basis in class really helped me to come up with ideas about what to write quickly.  Also, the wide range of short stories we had to choose from was nice.  I also really used the corrections on my first draft to help improve and revise my essay.

-Paulie XD


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