A Bit Less Dramatic (Weekly Wrap-Up!)


So the readings this week were nicely much less dramatic than last week.  “Defender of the Faith” by Philip Roth had everything set up perfectly to be another horrendous mess: World War 2, guns, barracks, and soldiers.  Thankfully though, the story almost entirely avoided the subject.  The story was much more of an emotions and feelings type story, which made it much more relaxing and, for me, much more interesting and engaging than, for example, “Child by Tiger.”  Also, even though I was struggling grasping everything in the earlier stories, I was able to almost completely understand this one, and very much so enjoyed the discussion in class.  I felt like I actually had valid opinions and things to say about it.  In general actually this week has had some awesome discussions.

Also we were introduced to the independent reading program!  I’m sure Helen can probably carry the entire class, if not high school by herself, but I also want to try to read a lot to try to get our class on top! Honestly, free dress alone is great cause I’m not crazy about my blazer, but getting to pick lunch for a week also??? That’s actually an amazing prize.  Not to mention that it gives us bragging rights for a really long time.

The grammar handout is another aspect of this class that I think will be beneficial in the long run.  For me, grammar is really basic because it was drilled into my head by countless elementary school teachers.  For some of the others in the class, it’s not the case.  I think a better understanding of grammar will definitely help improve everyone’s writing.

Let’s have another not so dramatic week next week!



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