Here We Go Again, Again, Again, Again, Again, For the Last Time (Weekly Wrap Up!)

School is once again starting up, and so is English class!

One thing we did this week that was really interesting was read and discuss Anton Chekhov’s “Gooseberries,”  and Albert Camus’ “The Guest.”  In both cases, the short stories were hard for me to really understand.  In class discussions and reading the rest of the class’s blog posts really helped me to better understand the story and the other, more subtle details.  I’m still getting used to literary analysis though, after almost an entire year without it, and hope I’ll be able to get back in the swing of things soon!

We also wrote a practice AP essay!  We, for a homework assignment, wrote sample question based on the third essay question of the AP literature exam.  Although it seemed a little early in the year, making up sample questions and practicing an essay now is helpful because it forces us to become more familiar with the test’s format from now, making it much less daunting when May comes.  I’m sure we will get even more in depth as the year goes on, and the “5 Steps to a 5” book will definitely come in handy soon!

So far, I really like the class dynamics!  The sitting in a circle discussions are nice because its nice to be able to see everybody, and it changes it up from the usual way we are sitting in class.  Also, it’s less of a lecture and more of a discussion, which is a nice change.

We also have a great new teacher! He seems really excited to be here, and we are all really excited to have him.

Let’s all have a great year this year!


One thought on “Here We Go Again, Again, Again, Again, Again, For the Last Time (Weekly Wrap Up!)

  1. The practice AP was very helpful. It put the fact that the AP is a legitimate threat that is incoming and should be handled as such. Alongside the threats we do have the upsides like the class dynamics so that has been fun. Good points.

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