Gatsby and Daisy Sitting in a Tree (The Great Gatsby, Ch 4-5)

Chapters four and five had so much content it is hard to choose what to focus on!

“Where you going?” demanded Gatsby in immediate alarm.

“I’ll be back.”

“I’ve got to speak to you about something before you go.”

He followed me wildly into the kitchen, closed the door, and whispered: “Oh God!” In a miserable way. 

“What’s the matter?”

“This is a terrible mistake,” he said, shaking his head from side to side, “a terrible, terrible mistake.”

“You’re just embarrassed, that’s all,” and luckily I added: “Daisy’s embarrassed too.”

“She’s embarrassed?” He repeated incredulously. 

“Just as much as you are.”

“Don’t talk so loud.”

“You’re acting like a little boy,” I broke out impatiently. “Not only that, but you’re rude. Daisy’s sitting in there all alone.”

This is one scene that was a little different from the rest of the book so far. In this little aside, Gatsby freaks out about Daisy. 

Gatsby as a character has been very mysterious, and occasionally inconsistent, but we haven’t seen him nervous before. The chapter goes on to get even stranger. Gatsby takes Nick and Daisy to his house, where he shows off everything Mr. Collins style. What is stranger though, is that Daisy is not grossed out like Lizzy is. Daisy starts crying when Gatsby starts pulling all of his shirts out of his closet. 

He started pulling his shirts

Out of his closet

And she started crying. 

May I suggest that something went on between them when Nick left the room? Or does Daisy have a weird connection to shirts?

It was weird enough that we found out that Gatsby once dated Daisy. That Gastby bought the house he lives in to be close to Daisy. That he worked for three years to earn the money to buy the house (even though he said he inherited the money… Hmmm…). That the mysterious green light he stares at was the dock of Daisy’s house. 

The plot is definitely going somewhere with this. 



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