Oooh! A Spooky Spooky Ghost!

“O! nothing. I suppose it wouldn’t disturb _you!_ Only groans, and people scuffing, and rolling round on the garret floor, half the night, from twelve to morning!”

“People up garret!” said Legree, uneasily, but forcing a laugh; “who are they, Cassy?”

Cassy raised her sharp, black eyes, and looked in the face of Legree, with an expression that went through his bones, as she said, “To be sure, Simon, who are they? I’d like to have _you_ tell me. You don’t know, I suppose!”

With an oath, Legree struck at her with his riding-whip; but she glided to one side, and passed through the door, and looking back, said, “If you’ll sleep in that room, you’ll know all about it. Perhaps you’d better try it!” and then immediately she shut and locked the door.

Legree blustered and swore, and threatened to break down the door; but apparently thought better of it, and walked uneasily into the sitting-room. Cassy perceived that her shaft had struck home; and, from that hour, with the most exquisite address, she never ceased to continue the train of influences she had begun.

How should you escape your abusive slave master? Convince them there’s a scary scary ghost in the ceiling!

In these past two chapters, Cassy has been enacting her escape plan. After tom refused to kill Legree, and urged Cassy not to kill him, Cassy decided to take a different course of action. She convinces everyone in the house that the article is haunted. 

To be completely honest, I found this absolutely hilarious and laughed quite a lot. 

Cassy then makes it look like she escaped so everyone would go looking for her, and sneaked back in the house and stole some money before hiding back in the attic. She concluded she would be safe there because of how everyone else thought it was haunted. 

I’m glad that, in the midst of a very serious part of the novel, Stowe was able to being in a bit of comic relief without veering from the plot at all. 



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