Rhetoric Week (Weekly Wrap-Up!)


This week we learned a few new rhetorical devices, and went over a few old ones!  I want to use this weekly wrap-up as a chance to review some of them!

One that we learned was Parenthesis.  Parenthesis is a device that adds more information to your writing, the written version of an aside.  Sometimes parenthesis is used with actual parentheses marks (like this) or with dashes –like this–  or could be used with commas, like this, but in all instances have the same meaning.  Here is an example from our rhetoric book:

This continued for many years – some would day far longer than it should have – before a new brand of politician put an end to it.

Another rhetorical device we learned about is amplification.  Amplification is when the writer repeats what they just said but with more detail or information.  It adds style as well as more detail.  One example from our book was:

The Earth’s climate has indeed changed over time – time that is measured in eons rather than years.

We also reviewed chiasmus.  Chiasmus is similar to parallelism, but in chiasmus the original structure is reversed or flipped in the second part.  One well known chiasmus is:

Fair is foul and foul is fair.

The rhetoric book also goes on to say that, although you can use chiasmus with the same words, it could also be applied to the structure, like:

He smiled happily and joyfully laughed.

We also, earlier in the week, wrote an essay comparing some advertisements that were for runaway slaves.  The essay was not too difficult to write, and was a fun different thing to do.

Let’s have another rhetoric filled week next week!

-Paulie 🙂


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