Eva and St. Clare (Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Ch. 16-17)

“I say, what do you think pussy?” said her father to Eva, who came in at this moment, with a flower in her hand.

“What about, papa?”

“Why, which do you like the best – to live I say do at your uncles, up in Vermont, or to have a house full of servants, as we do?”

“Oh, of course, our way is the pleasantest,” said Eva.

“Why so?” Said St. Clare, Stroking her head.

“Why, it makes so many more around you to love, you know,” said Eva, looking up earnestly.

What has happened thus far?  Tom was sold by Mr. Haley to St. Clare, because Tom saved St. Clare’s daughter.

The majority of chapter sixteen was a discussion between Ophelia and Marie about slavery. I love the irony that is pointed out about the northerners; How they fight for the rights of blacks but are disgusted by blacks.  Ophelia freaked out a few times when Eva touched a slave, almost immediately after she says that she thinks keeping slaves is immoral.

Another point that I think was bold to be made was St. Clare’s opinion on why he doesn’t go to church.  He basically says that he doesn’t want to go to church to have the priest tell him what he’s doing is okay.  Although slightly different, we can completely feel what he is feeling.  We go to church and believe in Christ to be challenged spiritually and for the struggle.  At their churches, this has been lost.  This reminds me a little bit of The Scarlet Letter, actually.

In the next chapter, we see a little further into the story of George and Eliza as they are protected by some Quakers.  Haley’s searchers find them, and they have a gunfight.  Although a pacifist Quaker, Phineas agrees with George that he should fight if his family was in danger.

Phineas Fletcher was a Quaker only because he fell in love with a Quaker woman.

Also, I thought I recognized the name “Phineas Fletcher,”  it is really similar to “Phineas Flynn-Fletcher” from Phineas and Ferb.  I smell a reference!

-Paulie 🙂


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