Lucy (Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Ch. 12-15)

“Takes it hard, rather,” he soliloquized, “but quiet, tho’- let her sweat awhile; she’ll come right, by and by!”

Something black passed by… to the side of the boat, and be heard a splash in the water.

Once again, I’ll be stating the obvious: Stowe is illustrating the horrible life a slave could go through. 

This though, actually is a new form of torture we haven’t seen yet. Although we saw the possibility of Eliza loosing her son, she escaped with him. This is the first time in the book a slave woman was actually separated from her child. 

Lucy was, first, tricked by her master who didn’t tell her she was sold. Initially, she didn’t believe Mr. Haley at all. After the shock of that, she was able to take comfort in the fact that she at least had her son… Who Mr. Haley sold almost immediately. 

I can’t even fathom what Lucy went through, having her child there one minute and gone the next. Apparently, she couldn’t fathom it either, as she jumped off the boat. 

Mr. Haley didn’t even look twice, and just marked this as a loss in his book. It was even noted by the othe people on the boat how cold he was. 

Tom saw this whole situation, from beginning to end, and will probably use this experience later. I’m counting on him hopefully acting or talking, or something. 



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