“Who Made Him My Master” (Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Ch 1-3)

“But, after all, he is your master you know”

“My master! And who made him my master? That’s what I think of — what right has he to me? I’m a man as much as he is. I’m a better man than he is.”

Uncle Tom’s Cabin is about slavery in the south. In these first three chapters we hear a little bit about some of the white slave owners, and more importantly, we learn a little bit about the lives of two slaves and their son. 

In this quotation, George begins a rant about how he is, not only a man, but a better man than his cruel master. It is very emotional, obviously, and George makes a very good point. At that time, slaves were treated extremely horribly— in a manner that can’t be described properly with words. George wants to escape by fleeing to Canada and trying to buy his wife and son.

This isn’t just some book with a made up story; This was the life that many people were living when slavery was still around. That’s the idea behind the book, to illustrate the lives of these people to make sure that something as horrible as slavery doesn’t happen again, and to make sure slavery in early America was stopped. 


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