Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That! (Weekly Wrap-Up!)

To describe this week I only need one word: Busy!  

You know that wonderful feeling when you wake up and you’re exhausted because you’ve been up all night doing homework? I have enough of that to share!

English class has been a lot of fun though, through all the stress that the beginning of school brings. The discussions have been really interesting, and I’m loving The Scarlet Letter more and more. As we read further and further, the irony that Hawthorne is trying to point out becomes more and more apparent. 

One exercise I liked was the re-writing of a portion of our essays and custom-house papers.  Many issues with the both of them were much more obvious with the second read through. Hopefully I won’t make the same mistakes again. 


Although this year is much harder than last year in more ways than one, I’m enjoying it!  The literature is (so far anyway) much more captivating and interesting for me than last year. 

Hope upcoming weeks aren’t as busy as this one!

-Paulie 🙂


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