We Started Again Again Again (Weekly Wrap-Up!)

Welcome Back to Blazers! It’s time to start a new school year!

Inazuma.Eleven.GO.full.1131653As has become the tradition for September, we started classes.  Discussions abut the summer reading book, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, were underway when I joined late, but I was able to be there for the last few.  The book was very good, and inspired quite a few great topics for us to explore together.

Also, new books were handed out!  We have just begun The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.  We discussed how the book will challenge the Puritan norms that were widely accepted at the time.  The Introduction was written in a very unusual style that apparently is not continued later in the book.  Hopefully the remainder of the text will be easier to follow than the roundabout introduction.

We also were re-introduced to the Rhetorical Triangle, and the Communication Triangle, which brought back memories from the last time we discussed them, possibly two or three years ago!  Time flies!  This class is going to have a heavy focus on rhetoric, which  is going to be really interesting!

It looks like writing will be another huge emphasis this year.Blogging seems to be done in the usual way this year, but each post is slightly longer.  There is also supposed to be a trend of a lot more writing than usual, both in and out of class.

Although this new year is going to be tough, I know we are all up to the challenge!  So far in-class discussions have helped us to better understand the texts we have read, so I hope we have more of them.  Also, the list of texts that will be used this year seem like a really great group!  I am very excited for the emphasis on American Literature that we will be exploring deeper.

Let’s all have a great year together!

-Paulie 🙂


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