Pastorally Idle (Weekly-Wrap Up!)

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears so I can let you know how this week went!

Our new book, Agnes Grey, is pretty much enjoyed by everyone so far.  One thing that we are learning about specifically in it is the Pastoral Idyll, which is basically a peaceful nature related scene or description.  Some of us ventured to try and write a pastoral idyll, and even though we tried to make it as slow as possible, they simply were not slow enough.

Agnes has a very difficult time dealing with the children in her care, and the children’s parents do absolutely nothing but insist that their little ones are perfect (A very familiar situation for teachers everywhere I am sure).  This spurred on a very interesting conversation about parenting with everyone.  Also, everyone with siblings had a nice complaining session.

In other news, we told a vocab story.  One of the more creative aspects of English class, we gave the tale about how some rebel from Texas abolished homework and tried to spread their beliefs universally.  With the help of “She Who Must Know” and Shakespeare, the threat was averted.


Or was it? To be continued on the next off chance that everyone actually completes the assignment and has cards…

Lets have another Pastorally Idle week next week!



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