Wives and Husbands (Agnes Grey, Ch. 1-2)

We are starting a new book: Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë. Anne was the youngest of the Brontë sisters.  Let’s begin!

The very willingness with which she performed these duties, the cheerfulness with which she bore her reverses, and the kindness which withheld her from imputing the smallest blame to him, were all perverted by this ingenious self-tormentor, into further aggravations of his sufferings. 

Wow, what a wife!

Earlier in the reading, we read that Agnes’ parents loved each other so much that her mother gave up her fortune, and her luxurious lifestyle. After the father destroys his family’s few assets, he goes into a mini-depression. His amazing wife though, bears through the whole thing without complaining. That proves to us this woman’s inner strength. All of us complain a lot, about almost everything. Can you even fathom going from filthy rich, to poor, to completely broke?  She is able to bear it all for her husband, because that is how much she loves him. 

You go girl!

Her husband on the other side, sees everything she is doing and, instead of seeing how much she loves and cares about him, blames himself for everything his wife has to go through. He also blames himself for loosing all of their money, and this must be very stressful on him. 



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