Shifting Perspectives on The Stalking Game (Weekly Wrap-Up!)

We played the stalking game… Again!

This week we did one of my favorite forms of writing: Creative writing!  To do this, we once again played the stalking game. The game is simple, you observe a person or object and use your observations to complete the assignment. 

This time, based on our new book, which is Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Wolf, the assignment was to write three paragraphs that were all about the same person or object, but from three different perspectives. Shifting perspectives allows you to see a situation through a handful of different lenses, helping you to understand a situation better. One perspective may be that of a person who hates the object, but the next of someone who loves it. If you only were given one perspective, you would most likely have only the opinion of the speaker, not necessarily knowledge of what is actually going on. Also, one thing I love about many writings with shifting perspectives, is that they can convey certain details slyly in passing. They can be focusing about different things, but they can all mention something. 

I tried to utilize this in my assignment.

Let’s have another creative week next week!

-Paulie 😜



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