How to Scare a Kitty (Pride and Prejudice, Vol III Ch 8)

You go to Brighton! – I would not trust you so near it as East Bourne, for fifty pounds!  No, Kitty, I have learned to be cautious, and you will feel the effects of it.  No officer is ever to enter my house again, nor even to pass through the village.  Balls will be absolutely prohibited, unless you stand up with one of your sisters.  And you are never to stir out of doors, till you can prove that you have spent ten minutes of every day in a rational manner.”

Kitty, who took all these threats in a serious light, began to cry

“Well, well,” said he, “do not make yourself unhappy.  If you are a good girl for the next ten years, I will take you to a review at the end of them.”

Pride and Prejudice is filled with strange characters, funny characters, and downright outrageous characters.  Out of all of them, Mr. Bennet is one of the best.  Seemingly only providing comic relief in some instances, Mr. Bennet is able to make any page he appears on unbelievably funny.  Remember, for example, the first time we met the Bennet family, we witnessed for the first time, and thankfully not the last time, Mr. Bennet’s sense of humor as he poked at his wife, and later on to all of his daughters too.

Although being hilarious, Mr. Bennet can be a serious person, and is intelligent.  He is often seen in his study reading, and becomes annoyed at any disturbance, in one instance, Mr. Collins.  He is able to balance his seriousness with sarcasm and they dance hand in hand to make this amazing character.  Mix him with characters like the innocent and naive Kitty, and the monomaniac Mrs Bennet, and you have a great cast of comedic characters.

-Paulie 🙂


One thought on “How to Scare a Kitty (Pride and Prejudice, Vol III Ch 8)

  1. I kinda understand Mr.Bennet. After Lydia, he definitely learned his lesson. He’s seeing what a wreck his family is and he doesn’t want any more disgrace. Someone’s getting wiser! 😀

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