Well That Was Dumb… (Pride and Prejudics Ch. 19)

If Elizabeth, when Mr. Darcy gave her the letter, did not expect it to contain a renewal of his offers, she had formed no expectation at all of its contents.


When we did the reading, I can guarantee that one thing hit all of us: Elizabeth has no idea what she just did.  She turned down the man she loves, because of her prejudice against him.  Instead of keeping an open mind and thinking seriously about what life with him would be like, she immediately turned him down because he mentioned her “low class” family.  Of course this reminded her about how everyone thought he was a jerk, and made her think he was too.

What else could be going through her mind?

She probably also thought that if she married Mr. Darcy that nobody would like her, because nobody liked Darcy.  She might have also been worried that Darcy would treat her badly, because of the rumors that Wickham spread.  She probably also was upset because of what Darcy did to Jane, and was angry about how it was okay for him to marry her but how Jane and Bingley couldn’t be together.

This must have been extremely confusing for Elizabeth, but also confusing for Darcy.  Darcy does not seem like the person who people say no to, so it must have been a new experience for him.   Not to mention how he fell in love with the girl he once thought was a gross lower class citizen.  Not to mention getting his heart broken for what is assumed to be the first time.

I hope to see them apologize to each other, because I don’t think their relationship could happen if they don’t.  Just like everyone else in the class I really want to see the end up together.

-Paulie 🙂


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