Eternal Sleepover! (Pride and Prejudice Ch. 12)

Instead of the usual quote choosing method of blogging, today it will be question answering!

do you think this stay at Netherfield has the affect that Mrs. Bennett desired? Explain. What overall effect do you think her efforts to bring Jane and Bingley together have had?

One thing I really loved about these past few chapters is that we get to see The Bingley Party in their home. In almost all shows I watch or books I read, I love the scenes that are about people being somewhat casual in their homes. You get to see a side of them you don’t ordinarily get to see, as well as understand things like how they spend their free time, and what it has to do with their personality.

For example, we see Darcy very attentively reading a book, and Miss Bingley purposely reading the second volume, and trying to get Darcy’s attention. We can see by Darcy’s short answers and concentration that he is a focused person, and better understand Miss B’s crush on him, and how completely desperate she is.

This type of scene is comparable to a TV show filler episode, the type that portraits a day home or off work. Although most people hate fillers, they are almost always my favorite episodes.

As Lizzy and Jane got firsthand experience of life with the Binkley family they are able to better judge whether this is someone that would like to marry or not. In that time it would’ve been almost impossible to get this kind of opportunity, and it is a brilliant idea of Mrs. Bennett I feel that though it wasn’t carried out as best as it could’ve been. For example although they were able to see how kind Mr. Bingley he was he wasn’t really captured by Lizzy’s beauty or the personality although we can still see development between Lizzy and Darcy as well as Darcy and Mrs. Bingley. I feel like Bingley only did it to be a good person.

I also feel like, although Bingley is thought to be perfect and love and life by the Bennets, he seems to actually be quite the cloudcuckoolander. Especially when Darcy says that if a friend told him to stay for a week or month, he would do it immediately.

So No, the eternal sleepover did not have the intended effect, but did something equally, or even more important for the girls.

-Paulie 😄


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