Back to Blazers (Weekly Wrap-Up!)

This week was our first week back!  Although for the most part things were slowly starting up, In English class we jumped right in (the same goes for French but that is irrelevant right now).

We started on our research papers almost immediately, as well as Pride and Prejudice.  I am really excited to start the book, and loved the first chapter.  I was extremely excited when I found out that we would be reading Jane Austen.


Some of our class found out that it was about, “the drama of everyday life,” and their reaction was…

tumblr_n8wxiwvx8q1twcdnao2_400…very negative unfortunately.  I hope the learn to love the book.

I especially loved how we read the book in class together.  It took ridiculously longer than if we read it at home, but I benefited from hearing everyone’s explanations and theories and enjoyed everyone’s comments.

The research papers seem to be coming along somewhat smoothly so far.  The topic is how the Industrial Revolution in Britain effected the national literary imagination.  I think that, as confusing as it sounds the first time you read it, the idea is a very interesting one and everyone will find the research fun.  I love learning about the Industrial Revolution, and love many novelists from that time, like Charles Dickens and Elizabeth Gaskell.

I hope we have an amazing second semester and that everyone is glad to be back in blazers!

-Paulie 😀


3 thoughts on “Back to Blazers (Weekly Wrap-Up!)

    • Language! And while you’re on the subject, the boys have an obligation to give P&P ‘a chance’ just as much as you should have mercy on the research paper! It is an essential skill for college (and more generally for anyone who wishes to engage in valid communication of quality research), I promise.

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