SPOILER ALERT! It’s About Uriah Again (David Copperfield Ch 43)

Although we were able to see Dora and David get married, as well as some serious changes in Dora, I want to point out a serious change in David that I’m afraid some people might have missed.

‘You villain,’ said I, ‘what do you mean by entrapping me into your schemes? How dare you appealed to me just now, you false rascal, as if we have been in discussion together?’

As we stood, front to front, I saw so plainly, in the stealthy exultation of his face, what I already so plainly knew; I mean that he forced his confidence upon me, expressly to make me miserable, and have set a deliberate trap for me in this very matter; that I couldn’t bear it. The whole of his lank cheek was invitingly before me, and I struck it with my open hand with that force that my fingers tingled as if I had burned them.

This part shocked me a lot.  I didn’t think that David would EVER be violent, even to the scumbag that is Uriah Heep.  Also, David finally stood up to Uriah, the first person in the novel to do so (and it’s about time!)

The change I noticed in David was the fact that he, not only verbally assaulted Uriah, but physically hit him.  We see David as pure and innocent this entire book, and now we see this.  It is very different from what we are used to seeing.  Although it could be argued that it doesn’t affect him very much because he reverts back to his normal self immediately after and feels guilty, I think, even though it was tiny, it was a major turning point in young David’s life.  It is the first time that he has done something like this, and I hope he learns from it, and realizes as well that Uriah could use this information against David (and probably will).

David’s wedding seemed to go way too smoothly for David as well.  We are probably going to see some storms coming up in his life soon!

-Paulie 😀


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