Back to Heep (David Copperfield Ch 40)

Even though I can’t stand Uriah Heep I can understand his complexity and for some reason I love talking about him. Weird.

“Upon your soul?” said Uraih… “If only you had the condescension to return my confidence when I poured the fullness of my art… I’m sure I’ll take off mother directly”


First of all, fullness of his art? He’s basically telling David that he should have told Uriah that he should have told Uriah every detail about himself while Uriah was being manipulative. Which is the time you want to be the least tell-your-whole-life-story-y.

Also, the way he says that he will call off his mother makes her sound like a dog or something! Does this guy have respect for anything at all?

Also, I think his life story is pretty sad, but it is absolutely no excuse for his actions. He should not have been so nasty to everyone. Also, he wants to marry Agnes, who we all know is good and pure, so why doesn’t he try to be even a little bit nice, at least when she’s around! He is constantly acting like he is better than everyone else, but still uses his catchphrase “umble.” Ugh

-Paulie 😄


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