Work Work Work Work (Weekly Wrap-Up!)

Work Work Work Work Work Work Work Work Work Work Work Work Work Work Work Work!

This week has been nothing but work!

We had to recite a little more of our psalms.  Next week is the dreaded end of the trimester, when our Poems and Psalms are due in full!

Speaking of the end of the trimester, can I say how horrible it is?  I mean, its like everyone forgot to assign work for the beginning and are trying to make up for it now.  We have a whole bunch of tests coming up in pretty much every class.

So this is when hard work comes in!  No!  Anything but death by work!

It’s absolutely crucial to work hard and diligently if we want to even dream of surviving!  Especially in English class.  We haven’t had an essay or a major assignment in a pretty good amount of time.  My Big-Assignment-Comming-Up senses are tingling!  Tingling I tell you!  It is also the end of the trimester, which means more work is comming up!

Exhausted, we all keep on working through it though.  One thing we didn’t have to work on too difficultly though was our week’s Vocab Story!  Once again, we had our favorite She-Who-Must-Know save the world in another shocking turn of events!  Maybe we will see a Mad Libs about her saving the world sometime soon too *hint*hint*hint*.   I think that the Vocab stories have to be one of the best things that have ever been done in English class.  The most important being that everybody loves them.  With our ridiculous group of people, there is almost always someone who doesn’t like what we are doing.  It’s fun to do something with everyone that we all enjoy and have a lot of fun doing!

Let’s have another hard-working week next week!

-Paulie 😀


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