We were all given an article to blog about this time.

The paradox is easily explained. As we become more accomplished in something, we tend to take pride in our advances and see our growing mastery, particularly when accompanied by the pleasure or approval of others, as a spur to further improvements. A pianist likes to show off her skill in playing a Beethoven sonata; an apprentice cabinetmaker feels quiet satisfaction in the work of his hands; a dancer delights in knowing the pleasure her movements bring to another. But humility is, by definition, a virtue which systematically denies us these satisfactions. It is the virtue in which we should never take pride, whether that pride is generated entirely by ourselves or fed by the approval of others.

This easily explained paradox seems to be more complicated than this paragraph makes it out to be.  In short, it is telling us that, although in other things we can take pride in seeing how good we are doing, if we try to take pride in our humility we are not humble anymore because we are proud of it.  It’s sort of like what we said in class, how we can’t define humility without the word “not.”

It reminds me a lot of Uriah Heep.  He is constantly calling himself ” ‘umble.”  I mean, seriously, its every other word that comes out of his mouth.  Calling it his catchphrase is a major understatement.  We all know that Uriah has ulterior motives for everything, and we all by now see that he is very far from humble.  He incessantly calls himself humble though, at first trying to convince everyone that he was and then to make everyone look stupid for not noticing.  This paragraph is basically a big warning that when someone draws attention to their humility, they are the last thing from humble.

Also, it says that humility denies us the satisfaction of knowing we are humble (or being proud of it), but most humble people are happy for other reasons, they tend to be the most joyful people ever.  Maybe that is because there is no pride in them, and they can see the good in others easier instead of looking at themselves, and are happy because of all the things they can do.

-Paulie 😀


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