Ooooh! Hypocrisy! (David Copperfield Ch. 35)

We got to see many characters in strange different ways these past few chapters. Emily runs away. Mrs Betsey is poor. Mr Wickfield is upset. Mr. Dick is making sense, and most of all, our “umble” friend doesn’t seem very “umble” anymore!

‘Uriah Heep’ said Mr Wickfield, in a monotonous forced way, ‘is active in the business, Trotwood… Uriah Heep is a great relief to me… It’s a load off my mind, Trottwood, to have such a partner.’

The way Mr. Wickfield is being forced to talk about Uriah Heep REALLY sounds familiar. Think of any movie where the villain hypnotizes everyone or forced them to be constantly talking about how good they are. I already thought of a few examples, first of all, “The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.” Anyone who has seen this movie remembers very clearly the zombie-like chant everyone in Bikini-Bottom is forced to say, “ALL HAIL PLANKTON.”


While we are on the kid’s TV theme, the Fairly Odd Parents episode “Father Time” comes to mind. In a bleak future, the dictator, known as “Dad,” has everyone always smiling (very creepily, if I can add) and repeating “We are all dad’s children.”


So what is in common in all these situations? In all three we have this sort of repeated line that asserts someone’s authority, and in the last two examples there is an evil villain forcing everyone to say them, so we can pretty accurately guess that Uriah Heep is evil too.

I wish you good-day, Master Copperfield, and leave my umble respects for Miss Betsey Trottwood.

This line from Uriah is where we almost most explicitly see the hypocrisy in his use of the word “umble.” Using it now is his way of saying, “I fooled you all into thinking I was a humble nobody, and now I’m richer and have more power than all of you!” The same “I’m better than you” message is delivered from what Mr Wickfield says earlier as well. I can just see in my face the evil smile he has as he says the word “umble.”

Also, because it has been his catchphrase for so long, as well as many other hints, we can guess he has been plotting to take over the Wickfields for some time. I hope we get to see some of his plot or motives! His mother too definitely played an important role too, what about that?

One thing that is good is true and pure humility, but if someone is constantly saying how humble they are, especially in this manner, it’s safe to assume that they aren’t, and are right up there with Plankton and Dad.

-Paulie 😜


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