Making The Best Out of The Worst (Weekly Wrap-Up!)

Ever had a “Things can’t get any worse” moment.

Followed by things getting worse?

Making The Best Out of The Worst!

We were supposed to visit a museum, but it had an unscheduled closure.  That left everyone unsure of what to do next.  Our calm and fearless leader though, was able to find similar things to do and modify our assignments to match them (Way to go for our She-Who-Must-Know!).

Although it seemed pretty horrible at the time, we were able to have a very nice and refreshing afternoon and it may be one of the best trips this year.  I learned that if we all are keeping a level head and a positive outlook, we can turn any situation around.

In these situations, one of the things that are key is keeping a positive outlook.


I don’t mean saying that things can never get worse, because (and I speak from experience saying this), THEY MOST CERTAINLY CAN!  But they can also get better, and we are the ones with the power to make them either better or worse.  One of the best things to do is very easy, SMILE :D!  Smiling will make everyone else happy, and then make you happy too!  I know I sound like a three year old when I say it, but it’s important to smile if you want to be happy.  If you are happy, you smile, and if you smile, you’re happy!

Also in English class, we worked on our pre-essay work, and I’m still a bit confused on that.  I hope I’m doing everything right!

Let’s Have Another Better Week Next Week!

(And Lots of SMILES too!!!)

-Paulie 🙂

PS In Honor of strawberries here’s a pic of Kariya in a giant pile of them 🙂



One thought on “Making The Best Out of The Worst (Weekly Wrap-Up!)

  1. “Although it seemed pretty horrible at the time” Nah, everyone loved it. Not just because we were giving *someone* a big headache, but because it was sunny, relaxing, and fun, and not stuffy like usual.

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