Reunions (David Copperfield Ch. 28)

‘Oh! That fellow!’ said Steerforth, beating a lump of coal on the top of the fire, with the poker.  ‘Is he as soft as ever?  And where the deuce did you pick him up?

Looks like Steerforth decided to show up to this mini Salem House reunion.

One popular line to say at reunions is “You haven’t changed at all!”  As constantly pointed out though, this line can be seen as insulting, or even be used to try to gloss over the fact that everybody really did change.

Some of the kids from Salem house really did change a lot!  Most noticeable of course is David, who we have followed as he matured from and before his time at school.  Contrary, Steerforth and Tradles are much harder to trace, mostly because we have not seen enough of them developing.  It is quite obvious that as far as maturity and intelligence go, Tradles is still a goofball, and Steerforth is still a goodhearted show-off.  I would go even as far as to say that Tradles has almost shown no signs of maturing since Salem House, even though now he will possibly be getting married.

On the other hand, as we saw David working and living with the Micawbers, escaping to his Aunt’s, and then schooling and living life again, it is quite evident that he learned a great deal, especially in street smarts.  By constantly being tricked and mistreated, David slowly learns (and is still learning) how to behave and what to do in certain situations.

Also, I noticed how Steerforth talked about Tradles as if he wasn’t even there, and then, although being polite, talked down to him with a sort of “I am better than you” attitude.  I love how Steerforth is such a 3-D character and hope we see more of him!

-Paulie 🙂


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