Jocular, Jeopardizing, Jeez! (Weekly Wrap-Up!)


*Shounen Anime= Anime made for boys. For the non-otaku, this meme is sarcastic because common shounen genres are adventure and action, which tend to have a lot of violence.

This is going to be a meme-iful post, so beware!!!

Jocular, Jeopardizing, Jeez!

This has been a hilarious week. A week with risks. Jeez!

First of all, for the first time in forever (Frozen pun completely intended) I was laughing for a good amount of the week! Thanks everyone, the past month has been really difficult in so many ways I really needed to laugh.


Laughing is a wonderful thing isn’t it? It brings people together so many different ways. A lot of the time, the people I feel closest with and have the most fun with are the ones where we just look at each other and start laughing!

We laughed a lot this week in English class, especially during our amazing Vocabulary story where our very own “She-Who-Must-Know” was a spy who was going to take over the world with grammar!


It was also full of peril! I don’t even need to mention an example, everyone can recall the extreme homework nights and nights full of studying. One of those is when we did our graphic organizers with characters from David Copperfield. And, as well as everyone else, my essay senses are tingling! When will it be?!?

Also, I made a joke about putting a bunch of pictures from The Walking Dead into a folder and calling it a graphic organizer 😝😝😝

No, nobody laughed, and no, I don’t watch Walking Dead.


JEEZ! What a week!


*When eating your wife’s horrible cooking….

Let’s hope for another trying, funny, and “Jeez!” week next week!

-Paulie 🙂


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