What Do People Think About Anyway? ( David Copperfield Ch.23)

He was always sitting at my little window, looking out into the church-yard; and I wondered whether his rambling thoughts ever went upon any of the fancies that used to occupy mine, on the rosy mornings when I peeped out of that same little window in my night clothes, and saw the sheep quietly feeding in the light of the rising son.

I think Davey hits some serious topics in this whole chapter, but of all of them this is one of my favorites. I love the way he describes himself here. I can perfectly picture the hound, rosy-checked Davey peeping out his window into a lush green churchyard with little fluffy sheep! I want to try to draw a picture of that! The book is SO descriptive!

Also, he’s wondering what the old man could be thinking about, and I think some of the things Davey thought about would be the same with the man. Old people and young people are similar that way.

Oh and Daisy: CUTEST NICKNAME SINCE DAVEY!!!!!!!!!!!

-Paulie 🙂


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