“My School-Days!” (David Copperfield Ch. 21)

My school-days! The silent gliding on of my existence — the unseen, unfelt progress of my life — from childhood up to youth! Let me think, as I look back upon that flowing water, now a dry channel overgrown with leaves, weather there are any marks along its course, by which I can remember how it ran.

The way Davey speaks about his school days, with such an ardent nostalgia makes me wonder:

Aren’t those the days we can’t stand being stuck in right now?

After thinking about that, I realized how there are so many movies and TV shows and books revolving around this topic… School Life! It feels like nobody loves it when we are in it but everyone adores it afterward.

I don’t mean to be YOLO-y (I just made YOLO an adjective, deal with it.), but, armed with this knowledge, shouldn’t we be trying to live out these days to the fullest? Now please understand one of the reasons why I hate the word YOLO. People use it as an excuse to do stupid things, when really, the fact that we only get to live on this world once should prevent people from doing stupid things! They should be trying to do the best they could do, and best doesn’t mean boringest, or doing something you’re not interested in. It means making the best out of where you are so you can, not only make a difference and guarantee that your difference is lasting, but enjoy making that difference.

If I became a famous doctor but hated medicine, what good would it do me?

But if I was a famous chef and loved every second of it, wouldn’t it do me a lot better?

Wasted opportunities aren’t just the ones we don’t take advantage of, but could very easily be the ones that we have in front of us and are uninterested in.

-Paulie 🙂


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