We Played the Stalking Game! (Weekly Wrap-Up!)


It might have been technically last week but I think it’s important to mention.

It is known that Charles Dickens, author of David Copperfield, as well as many other authors would walk around observing people to design their characters after. We decided to do the same! By observing one’s clothes and actions, we were able to come up with some amazing characters and wrote about their confrontations with their arch enemies. In my case as well as those of a few others, our archenemy wasn’t a person but a fear.

We do not get the chance to do creative writing often, but it’s always fun when we do. I think that this was a great exercise and definitely one of the best creative exercises we have done.

We also were able to learn a lot about the process of developing characters. Not only their feelings about some things, but, as the exercise instructed, their feelings about everyone and everything, because people do have feelings about everyone and everything. It’s a good way to write convincing characters instead of the rather 2-D ones that we run into every now and then.

Here’s to another great week!

-Paulie 😜


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