Loyalty and Love (David Copperfield Ch. 11)

‘I expect I shall be forced to go to Yarmouth’

Peggotty. So far, Peggotty has been the most discussed character other than Davey! From the motif about her buttons to get personality, Peggotty is easily one of our favorite characters.

One admirable characteristic about Peggotty is her loyalty to the Copperfield family. She says she is forced by the Murdstones to leave, but plans to stay in constant communication with Davey simply because she cares about him. She could live her own life, but instead decided to devote it 100% to this family who she has been constantly serving, even after being treated horribly by the Murdstones.

Peggotty’s love for the Copperfield family is what drives her loyalty to them. Also, she did not instantly love them, but developed her love slowly over time because they showed her love.

It’s important for us to constantly show our love to other people. It is what binds our hearts together, and makes us friends. It cannot be stressed enough, how much loving one another is important. Everyone we meet, everyone we see, it is important to spread the love of God to everyone. It isn’t just important, but it’s our duty.

And it’s a fun one too!

-Paulie 😄


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