The Calm Before a Storm (David Copperfield Ch 9)


Another thing that Charles Dickens loves to do is use the situation that we commonly call “the calm before a storm.” In Oliver Twist, for example, Oliver has the opportunity to be nursed back to health with the love of Mr. Brownlow’s household before he sinks back into the misery of being with the thrives. In this book, around the same place it happened in Oliver Twist, Davey returns to find a Murdstone-free home where he gets his mother’s love and, something he probably wanted more than anything, a brother. A companion in life. If the brother grew older with him, he could even be Davey’s reason to live.

‘He is your brother,’ said my mother, fondling me. ‘Davy, my pretty boy! My poor child!’ Then she kissed me more and more, and clasped me round the neck. This she was doing when Peggotty came running in, and bounced down on the ground beside us, and went mad about us both for a quarter of an hour.

Seems suspiciously calm, right. As with Oliver, Davey most likely was not even able to adumbrate the misfortunes that looming on the horizon. Also, the question could be raised that if Davey knew what was coming up would he have acted differently here?

This can be applied to our lives very easily. Almost 99.99999999999% of the time we are taking something for granted. Our family, friends, the air we breathe or even the fact that we woke up this morning. I know in my life I can forget to thank God for these little things and focus on the negatives. Everything has a positive side to it, you just have to find it. But once you’ve found it, it is yours to keep forever. If even these two young boys can find hope in situations that make us look like royalty, then maybe we could too.



One thought on “The Calm Before a Storm (David Copperfield Ch 9)

  1. I agree. I think we take things for granted most of the time, if not all the time. It’s really difficult to think that one day something could just drastically change and you would never have known before. It’s scary how people can act happy all the time around you, but by themselves they’re hurting and dying. We often put on a smile to keep a low profile in these situations so that no one really knows. That’s what Davy’s mother did, and that’s what a lot of people do now days.

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