The WAY too Friendly Waiter (David Copperfield Ch 7)


Yay for more crooks!

One thing about Dickens, is although he has some of the sweetest characters in literature, he also has some of the most crooked characters of all time. One I want to explicitly point out is a character named by the book as “the friendly waiter.”

Under the guise as a friend to a small lonely traveling child, this waiter tricks David into pretty much giving him his entire meal.

For it was quite delightful for me to find him so pleasant. He was twinkling guide, pimple faced man, with his hair standing up Friday all over his head; and as he stood with one arm a Kimbo, holding up the glass to the light with the other hand, he looked quite friendly.
“There was a gentleman here, yesterday,” he said – “a stout gentlemen, by the name of Topsawyer-

He came in here … ordered a glass of this ale – would order it – I told him not – drank it, and fell dead. It was too old for him…”
“But I’ll drink it, if you like. I’m used to it… I don’t think it’ll hurt me”

Using the completely true story of a recent customer, this friendly waiter is able to steal Davey’s ale. Since Davey’s is an innocent child, he believes the elder and does what he is instructed (as stated by the book a page or so later.)

The illustration too, shows Davey’s face as completely believing him. Also, that same chapter also states something that was a mystery to me – David’s age. At this time, he is 8. That means he was reading great literary works such as Robinson Crusoe when he was younger than eight?!?

He must have been way smarter than the Murdstones thought!



One thought on “The WAY too Friendly Waiter (David Copperfield Ch 7)

  1. He was probably pretty smart, and that is a good point about the bad guys in his stories. Although I do not see that evil aspect in the Murdstones. They only seem extremely solemn.

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