Let’s Start David Copperfield!

ENTER!  David Copperfield!

So, as this is Charles Dickens who (I love to death!) we all have read about a million times, an into post isn’t required.  Other Charles Dickens books I adore are Great Expectations, A Christmas Carol, and Oliver Twist.  I really want to read The Old Curiosity Shop and both A Tale of Two Cities and Bleak House are upcoming in a year or two if I’m correct.

So let’s jump into the the wonderful world of Charles Dickens!

and with her a gentleman with beautiful black hair and whiskers, who had walked home with us from church last Sunday.

Creep Alert!  For some reason, from the very, very beginning I could not stand this gentleman.  He acts totally nice for the most part, and somewhat gentlemanly, but he seems like he has something evil up his sleeve.  I especially didn’t like how he went to the sea with Davey later (By the way, Davey had to be the cutest nickname ever!  I love it!) and talked about Davey right in front of him!

how-rudeAlso, the fact that he took Davey to the sea at all really freaked me out.  I read Kidnapped by Robert Louis Steveson last year, and for some reason the situation in general seemed very familiar.  (Also, Kidnapped is an amazing book and I recommend it)

I am totally loving Davey, and he slightly reminds me of Oliver Twist.  It’s probably the illustrations, but his adorable innocence and disposition seem very familiar.

-Paulie 🙂

PS:  Yes, I love Full House



3 thoughts on “Let’s Start David Copperfield!

  1. Why is taking out David to the seaside so freaky? Remember, the poor kid doesn’t have any men in his life, the guy took him so that A. he would get to know him a little better and get a feel of whether David liked him or not, and B. To soften up David’s mother a little.

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