Laziness and Diligence (Weekly Wrap-Up!)

Laziness and Diligence

One is necessary for success, the other is its enemy.

The hardest thing in the world for me is waking up in the morning.  I can’t stand it!


Left: Me, Right: Everyone Else

Even on non school days I tend to be asleep for longer than everyone else.  In my defense I’m up much later than everyone else is (-_- )Zz

It’s of the up most importance that I make sure I learn that when I’m working… I’m working

I’m the type of person who can get so distracted in doing a simple task (like writing a post) that I end up searching the internet for the perfect gif from a show I like to put in it.

Case in point, above.

When we work on something diligently, with all of our attention on it, it usually comes out a lot better than if we half did it or worked on it last minute.

As for English class this week, I’m on board with everyone else in saying that I absolutely love acting out scenes from plays in class.  Many of the texts we read are extremely difficult for me to understand (Coming from the person who wants to be an English teacher, I know) and acting it out helps it really jump off the page and come to life.  I hope we can continue doing it or something similar even when we read texts that are not plays.  I also hope we start Vocab soon because it was definitely my favorite thing to do last year.

Even though everyone else hates you, I love you Vocab!

-Paulie 🙂



4 thoughts on “Laziness and Diligence (Weekly Wrap-Up!)

  1. As always, your end of the week post is amazing. I always have to comment on them. I just have to. Honestly, I miss the days of sleeping in util 10:30 and not having anyone yell at you for it. If I’m not out of bed by 6:30 I will be late to school end of story. Not that you care, but if you are considering being an English teacher, it’s utmost* not up most. Sorry. It had to be done. In fact, I’m surprised the other person that commented, who’s name I am apparently forbidden to say online, didn’t correct that. Shows he was paying attention right? Just kidding. Anyways. In regard to your other post which I commented on earlier, I was going to say let’s play, “Tell The Truth You Lying Scumbag.” Yes I changed the words so that they would fit with your post, but you get what I mean. Wow this got very long very fast sorry about that. I’ll leave now. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll stay. My agent is watching you..just a kind and friendly fyi. byeee

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