And It Starts Again! (Weekly Wrap-Up!)

And It Starts Again!

By the second week, we get all of the wonderful side effects of school in full swing.  Things like…

FZE6E6OSleep Deprivation!

3341bojTons of Homework!


And my favorite…

giphyCompletely bizarre daydreams!

Surprisingly enough though, despite all this, we actually got a lot done.  We got to act out a speech by Lady Macbeth.  I liked being able to see everybody’s different interpretations of the scene.  We did a lot of acting out.  Although its the second week, we already had a small essay due.  I mixed up the due date and did it all in one night!  At least I didn’t have to stress about it for the rest of the week :).

I also loved hearing about what everyone would do if Lady Macbeth was their wife.  We should do more role playing like that it was amazing!  Also, everybody’s blog posts have been amazing and hilarious!  Like TK always calling Shakespeare “Mr. Shake.”

Also, the maps of England were useful in actually understanding Macbeth.  In many Shakespeare plays we read it takes place int his sort of “Imaginary England” that isn’t really England… or anything.

See ya’ll next week!

-Paulie 🙂



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