Weekly-Wrap Up: First Week!

Hi Ya’ll! I’m back!
We kicked off the school year with the announcement that we would be combined with a another class. Welcome to everyone and let’s all have a good year together (^_−)−☆!!!

Most people get bummed when the new year starts but I’m really excited! The new year holds lots of new opportunities!


We dove right in with “Macbeth,” but I’m really excited for “David Copperfield.” My love for Dickens knows no end! (>人<;) I’m also happy we are getting two trimesters to work on it instead of just one.


(Enjoy my little doodle)

I hope that we do more creative writing. I do a lot out of school (Working on a light novel \(^o^)/), and am excited to do some in school.

I also hope that we get to do more things that we couldn’t do with our little class this year. With the addition of a few more students, we must be able to open some doors right?

I think that this year has a lot of potential, and although we haven’t done much yet (hence the short post), we will have a lot to talk about in the near (please be very very near) future! Three cheers to English!

Let’s all have a good year together!
-Paulie 🙂



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