JUlius Caesar, Act 4 Scene 3

Why, farewell Portia.  We must die, Messala.

With meditating that she must die once,

I have the patience to endure it now.

Imagine this, you just get the news that the wife that you love is dead.  That is the news that just reached Brutus, and he is strangely calm about it.  “We must die” means that Brutus is saying, “She’s going to die anyway, it might as well be today.”  Brutus does not mourn his wife, or really think of it twice.  I think it may be because he just killed Caesar, and sees this as sort of like karma or something.  Like, the gods getting back at him.  If that were the case, he would just think to himself that it is the will of the gods and can’t be helped.  But still, not getting even a bit emotional?  That is either Brutus being extremely faithful to the gods, or just plain insensitive.  In retrospect, he just killed his best friend in a malicious manner, so insensitive may be it.  Not just that, but in a sort of trance.  Like a zombie, or someone who is feeling so sorry for themselves that they cannot function.



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