Julius Caesar: Up to Act 3 Scene 1

Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once

We started talking about this in class, but I forgot what I wanted to say about it, which makes a great blog entry!
We were talking about how cowards could be “scared to death.” If you are a coward, and worried about every little thing, than everything will take it’s toll on you. The fear alone is a kind of “death.” The valiant, on the other hand, are brave enough to keep on going, and being able to shrug things off means they only die when… When they die. I also felt like Caesar said this to get the point across that he is a valiant, courageous hero who didn’t care about being at death’s doors. A nice metaphor to boost his own ego. Little did he know that putting yourself in danger on purpose didn’t make you a hero… If anything it makes you seem more proud than anything else. The way he went to the Senate after all the warnings, was partially because he needed to be right. He needed his pride to be intact, and unfortunately in his case intact pride resulted in a not intact body.


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