The Stage is Set (The Odyssey Book 13)

I’m off to Sparta, where the women are a wonder, to call Telemachus home, your own dear son

One thing I noticed, is any Proper Noun needs a sort of intro in this book. Like, “Bright eyes Athena” or “where the women are a wonder”. I think it is a nice touch, and it helps me remember everything a little better. I guess it is another one of those characteristics of Oral Tradition.
The Stage is Set.
With the end of this book, approximately a half through the entire epic, we have the stage set for the last battle. With 11 books left to tell it, it’ll be a doozy! I personally can’t wait to see what tactics Athena comes up with, and what the master plan still is. I also am curious if all of Odysseus’s tale is completed, or if he will tell more to the audience while recounting his journeys somewhere in the future. With the climax coming up so soon, we have a lot of room for speculation, and possibly a huge downfall and final obstacle. What will happen? Will Telemachus make it back on time? Will Agamemnon share his fate with Odysseus? Did Agamemnon seriously just come up again??? find out soon in….
“The Odyssey”


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