The big Reunion: Odyssey Books 11+12

…And we all thought swing Nestor a few books ago was a blast from the past…


Even though 100% out of context, those names alone have a great meaning. When Odysseus visits the House of Death and summons multiple spirits, these three names are some of the first spirits that visit him and drink the blood he provided. Many of the details or events that were left out in “The Iliad” were filled in during their discourse. I really love how they bring back the past in various ways. It makes the book as a sequel much more enjoyable, knowing that the storyline and characters you originally fell in love with are still alive and developing. If “The Odyssey” had no ties with the Iliad except that it was the sequel and happened after the Trojan War, it would be a very different book, and much less enjoyable.


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