The Odyssey (Through Book 4)


This wasn’t super difficult to read.  The plot was straightforward, and actually got me hooked.  I can’t wait to see what happens to Telemachus next!

Ah dear boy, since you call back such memories,

such living hell we endured in distant Troy

This was the start of King Nestor’s speech in book 3.  King Nestor!!!  His whole speech, as well as pretty much everything ahead of it, mentions names and events from “The Iliad.”  It makes it very interesting as a reader to sort have been on the journey in Troy with Achilles and Odyssius, and now to be joining Telemachus years later, having all the old members of the gang popping back up.  “The Iliad” sort of works as a backbone for this book:  It would be hard to understand without it.  Another thing I noticed, was that this tactic is still used very commonly today.  Many TV shows and books are still continuing because of the “20 Years Later”  trick they used here.  I also was confused as somehow certain people knew who Athena was, and other times they didn’t, and then she would run away and reappear constantly.  It was helpful for the storyline to have Athena with Telemachus, it made it 10,000 times more interesting, just knowing that there is a god involved.



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