Weekly Wrap-Up: Pride

This week has felt slow-moving, possibly because we missed two classes. Regardless, we started reading “The Odyssey” and started an in-class project nobody saw coming: Writing a ballad. Everybody was shocked by the fact that “The Odyssey” was much easier to read than “The Iliad”.  In “The Iliad”, we all were amused and annoyed by Agamemnon’s pride and arrogance.  When we read this in the very beginning of “The Odyssey”, I almost fell out of my chair!

…remembering handsome Aegisthus,

the man Agamemnon’s son…

I could just imagine Agamemnon saying, “Even though I have absolutely nothing to do with this book at all, I will make sure I appear on the second page!”  With Agamemnon’s pride, I could just imagine those words leaving his lips!  Pride is a dangerous thing.  Sometimes, It can completely blind someone from everything other than themselves, which can (as many other things) ultimately lead to their demise.  Remember Agamemnon?  His pride made him not want to give up Chryses, even though not doing it led to Apollo’s wrath.

This week, we were also given some exercises to complete online as practice with some grammar issues we were having a difficult time with.  I have to say, the website was picked very well!  The exercises were challenging and I learned from them, but that wasn’t the important part:  Some of the sentences were so funny I couldn’t hold in my laugh!



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