Weekly Wrap Up: Reflections

As it was the second week of Lent, this past week has been nothing but temptations left and right.  It was only fitting that we begin reading and assessing “The Pardoners Tale,”  the last tale we would be going over, that week.  The Pardoner, despicable as he was, gave absolutely no moral in his story, let alone plot.  He simply used the guise of a tale as a ploy to entice the crowd, followed by him trying to sell something.   This made me think about myself… Although (or at least I hope I’m not) deceiving a whole flock of people for just my own personal gain, Am I misleading someone, (or even worse), Am I misleading myself?

This week: Reflections

People have a bad habit of misleading themselves, being delusional about their lives or place.  Many a time people will dream about a crush, to the point that they believe the chicanery that this other person is prodigious; Their prince in shining armor.  Their fantasy will completely hide the fact that their handsome but shallow prince not only does not notice them, but is too narcissistic to notice anybody but himself.  This “Fairy Tail” mentality has been the demise of many people- I know this firsthand.  What is not common, though, is people noticing this fault before it develops and grows out of hand.

Such a widespread issue, without a widespread solution.  Once one becomes attached to someone, by fantasy or actually becoming a very close friend, it is almost impossible to forget about of feel indifferent about that person.  If that person though breaks the attachment, in a voluntary or coincidental way, the scar in the heart of the other person may be impossible to heal.

So What is important about all of this?  For me to think about if I have a delusion about anything in life?  Partially, but that is not the main thing to take away from this.

Have I unknowingly broken someone’s heart?  Is there someone who wanted to be close to me, who I completely ignored and hurt?  Is there somebody out there who stays up all night crying about something I did, or even worse, something I didn’t do?  I have been in many of these positions, and I feel absolutely appalling about myself if it is even slightly possible I have put somebody else in any of these positions.

The best way to make good friends, is to be a good friend, and the best way to not get hurt, is to try your best to not hurt others.  Even if you do get hurt, by being kind and always helping others, they will all help you get up, and give you a warm hug to help you keep going.

Let us all keep this in mind as we journey in the spiritual voyage that is Lent.



4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up: Reflections

    • Wow, quite different than your other blogs. You may have gotten a teensy bit far (like people staying up crying all night about you), but I think it’s a nice reflection. 🙂

      • Right when I finish writing a comment on your blog, I get a notification about your comment :D. Great minds think alike! I think I did go a tad more deep than was required, but a lot of the emotions I was trying to describe are hard to talk about without being very dramatic and trying to empathize with people who feel those emotions every day.

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